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Hi, my name is Jack Douglass. You found my PLclip channel where I like to make fun of everything because I'm too scared to confront reality. Enjoy your stay!

Ellen't. (YIAY #543)

Ellen't. (YIAY #543)


  • J
    JGodzinę temu

    #YIAYcraft It's just like real life, only with less creepers.

  • Eric Smith
    Eric SmithGodzinę temu

    #YIAYcraft a place with tons of servers and a large community

  • Alex Manion
    Alex ManionGodzinę temu

    #YIAYcraft a dungeon crawler right it’s like Diablo

  • HappyConstructor
    HappyConstructorGodzinę temu

    #YIAYcraft its the polar opposite of its competitor, Mein Kampf

  • Jerbinator CC
    Jerbinator CCGodzinę temu

    #yiaycraft a girlboss is resp onding to the wrong YIAY

  • Rahadian Fadhlurahman
    Rahadian FadhlurahmanGodzinę temu

    8:29 oh my god actually drew gooden

  • Francisco Egurrola
    Francisco EgurrolaGodzinę temu

    #YIAYcraft Minecraft more like..... um......more like.....uhhhhhhh ....oh more like Minecrap! Damn epic poggers gamer moment!😎

  • Wraler
    WralerGodzinę temu

    Karens are girlbosses WHO failed in life

  • JoeBobTNVS
    JoeBobTNVSGodzinę temu

    3:00 woah, based jacksfilms

  • Malcolm Ross
    Malcolm RossGodzinę temu

    #YIAYcraft Roblox

  • Absolutely Nobody
    Absolutely NobodyGodzinę temu

    #YIAYcraft Just play Steve in smash bros. It is far more satisfying than actual minecraft.

  • The meme Masters
    The meme MastersGodzinę temu

    #YIAYcraft a game with blocks that came out 12 years ago. now everyone is screaming about green fast man.

  • MrMorello
    MrMorelloGodzinę temu

    His forehead is just getting bigger

  • Azure Apples
    Azure ApplesGodzinę temu

    Minecraft stands for: Mstans Istans Nstans Estans Creativity and endless possible creations Rstans Astans Fstans Tchildr- I mean stans

  • Blackout Lol
    Blackout LolGodzinę temu

    4:38 I think them using cgi dogs is a good thing because Disney has a terrible history of being irresponsible with and eventually killing dogs for some of their live action movies if you don’t know what I’m talking about consider yourself lucky.

  • A person on the internet
    A person on the internetGodzinę temu

    Minecraft is a fun block game where you force animals to have babies by smooshing their faces together

  • vera kartal
    vera kartalGodzinę temu

    10:03 “all girl bosses weigh 9 feet tall”

  • OzTanga
    OzTangaGodzinę temu

    Minecraft is the story of a young girlboss who moves to her hometown 'Craft' for the Christmas season, but meets a hot miner who she falls in love with, but continues to reject him because 'she don't need no man'

  • Micah Monaghan
    Micah MonaghanGodzinę temu

    minecraft is when block man has block balls yall i have proof just message me i can show u proof matpat did a game theory about it ill send u it

  • flying horse
    flying horseGodzinę temu

    #YIAYcraft it's like beeing outside , but actually you are still inside , but the sadness is the same so it's not really that different

  • -WoF- DarkNewton
    -WoF- DarkNewtonGodzinę temu

    Hey I have a question, why is your wife so fucking drunk XD

  • Necroseus
    NecroseusGodzinę temu

    It's actually an acronym! Minecraft Is Nothing but E-boys Cheating Religiously, All For Their egos. #YIAYcraft

  • Vijay Anand
    Vijay AnandGodzinę temu

    “And weigh 9 feet tall” -John Douglas

  • Angeles, Aaron
    Angeles, AaronGodzinę temu

    #YIAYcraft issa blockgame whats ther to get ye old man

  • Retro Fan-girl
    Retro Fan-girlGodzinę temu

    #YIAYcraft Minecraft is a game your dad yells at you for playing, yet he plays it in secret 🤐

  • PresumedZero50
    PresumedZero50Godzinę temu

    #YIAYcraft Children Screaming on Twitter

  • marlon montilla
    marlon montillaGodzinę temu

    Oh squishy squishy

  • James Domingo
    James DomingoGodzinę temu

    #YIAYcraft Minecraft is where you give me your social security number 😂😍😹😁

  • April Mustoe
    April MustoeGodzinę temu

    5:47 Jack slips up and almost looses his face plate. He held it in place but now we all know the truth

  • brigid wheeler
    brigid wheelerGodzinę temu

    Cruella was ok for me, though my opinion doesn't matter since it had gothic/edgy outfits and I sadly live for that.

  • Awesm Films
    Awesm FilmsGodzinę temu

    A Girlboss Christmas is something that would get Tik Tokkers hired on as actors and it would be horrible and pointless. Thanks for giving them the idea Jack

  • Maxg4merguy941
    Maxg4merguy941Godzinę temu

    #YIAYcraft trade crafting recipes with your friends at 3rd grade lunch time (memories)

  • Cool Dude McGee
    Cool Dude McGeeGodzinę temu

    #YIAYcraft You know those games that are specifically made for youtubers to play and spread? Minecraft is like that but it never went away.

  • Emirahn
    EmirahnGodzinę temu

    #YIAYcraft Cubes, Cubes, And Cubes

  • Dalaza
    DalazaGodzinę temu

    Green guy do block game fast #YIAYcraft

  • ElectricDiamond360
    ElectricDiamond360Godzinę temu

    #YIAYcraft well you see jack, you can mine these meter by meter by meter blocks that make up this world, you can craft stuff with the blocks, and horrendous monsters come out during the night called trick or treaters that you must fight off to survive in survival mode.

  • Imcrazyinhead
    ImcrazyinheadGodzinę temu

    So...we all want "A Very Girlboss Christmas" for Christmas this year, right?

  • Todd
    ToddGodzinę temu

    #YIAYcraft An acronym describing the adult playerbase: Mother I pissed off the Neighbors and got Evicted again Can I Rest Alone in the basement For the next Three years

  • Pizza P. Pizza
    Pizza P. PizzaGodzinę temu

    #YIAYcraft so basically some random dude just magically appears in the world, sees a weird green thing, it hisses, then he fucking dies

  • Simper Ho
    Simper HoGodzinę temu

    Sometimes I’m glad I’m Bosnian Cause ain’t nobody even know where that shit is Well mostly 😔

  • Roses215 N
    Roses215 NGodzinę temu

    Minecraft isn’t a game. It’s a way of life, to escape living your life, to live another life. GAWD IT”S NOT THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND MOM #YIAYcraft